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Throughout the course of development of my diverse visual art creations, I became compelled to give them a voice of their own. As a result, in 2008 I began exploring the medium of stop-motion animated imagery. The results (so far) are two award-winning films brought to you by Clothespin Freak Productions.

"Hanging By A Thread", conceived as the first in a trilogy of short films, will be followed by "Meeting MacGuffin", currently in pre-production with an anticipated release date in late 2015.

In May 2015, after a successful fundraising campaign on Hatchfund, production for "Meeting MacGuffin: An Animated Ecological Thriller" has started! Studio Unknown has signed on for the Foley and Sound Design.

Director's Statement

"Through the adventures of the four-eyed "Clothespin Freak", I present an alternate universe that is constantly changing and growing. The universe of "Hanging By A Thread" is literally out of this world; its varied symbols and subtexts are metaphors for the increasingly multicultural, multilingual, shape-shifting, and surreal world of today." more...

Hanging By A Thread (2013)

"Hanging By A Thread" is the second animated stop-motion short film by award-winning filmmaker Catya Plate. The film features characters called the Clothespin Freaks cast in a story that takes place in a distant, post-apocalyptic future in which the human race has fallen to pieces, but where a new breed may put it all back together.

The film was completed in July 2013 and had its World Premiere at the 13th Annual Nevada City Film Festival, California, where it won the Jury Prize for Best Animation Short.

The film has been screened at 22 festivals in 7 countries, including the Academy Award-qualifying St. Louis International Film Festival, winning a total of 9 awards and 1 nomination.




Laurel - Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2014   Laurel - Nevada City Film Festival 2013 - Best Animation  Laurel - Spirit Award - Animation - Brooklyn Film Festival 2014



  Laurel - Blue Plum Animation Festival 2014 - official selection   Laurel - Crossroads Film Festival 2014

Laurel - St. Louis International Film Festival 2013 - Official Selection  Laurel - Cucalorus Film Festival 2013 - Official Selection  Laurel - StopTrik Festival 2013 - official selection


  • Female Filmmaker Award for Outstanding Achievement — 2015, FrackFest, Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Platinum Remi Award — 2015, 48th WorldFest-Houston, Houston, TX.
  • Best Animation Nomination — 2015, Queens World Film Festival, Queens, NY.
  • Quarter Finalist — 2015, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition; script for "Meeting MacGuffin".
  • Award of Excellence — 2014, Best Shorts Competition.
  • Best Animated Film — 2014, New Hampshire Film Festival, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Certificate of Merit — 2014, 5th Annual Williamsburg International Film Festival, New York.
  • Award of Excellence — 2014, The IndieFest Film Awards.
  • Spirit Award: Animation — 2014, 17th Annual Brooklyn Film Festival, New York.
  • Best Animated Film — 2014, 10th Annual Seattle True Independent Film Festival, Washington.
  • Best Animation Short — 2013, 13th Annual Nevada City Film Festival, California. World Premiere.





  • 22nd Annual St. Louis International Film Festival, Academy Award qualifier, Missouri, Official Selection.
  • 19th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, North Carolina, Official Selection.
  • 13th Annual Nevada City Film Festival, California. Official Selection.
  • StopTrik International Film Festival, Niepolomice, Poland. Official Selection.


Film Stills

Hanging By A Thread production still 1 Hanging By A Thread production still 2
Hanging By A Thread production still 3 Hanging By A Thread production still 4

The Reading (2010)

"The Reading" is Catya Plate's first stop-motion animated short film. It is based on her Clothespin Tarot Artist Book and her Clothespin Freaks characters that she has created over a period of ten years. The story is about a woman awakened from a slumber and summoned to the door by a mysterious visitor, who is delivering a most extraordinary invitation to a Clothespin Tarot Reading."

Laurel - Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2012 - Best Animation Laurel - Williamsburg International Film Festival 2012 - Outstanding Achievement
Laurel - NYFilmmakers 2011 - Official Selection Laurel - SeMaFor - Official Selection Laurel - Queens World Film Festival 2012 - Nominated for Best Animation Laurel - Garden State Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection Laurel - Crossroads Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection Laurel - Columbia Gorge Int'l Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection


"The Reading" is distributed by IndieFlix.


Film Stills

The Reading production still - Devil The Reading production stlil - World The Reading production still - Page of Hatpins The Reading production still - King of Darners





Animated GIFs

Turning The Page (2012), Catya Plate

Turning The Page - animated GIF

Museums, Galleries


  • The Center for Book Arts, "CLOTHESPIN TAROT", New York, New York. Curated by Alexander Campos.
  • Torrance Art Museum, "VIDEO ROW: 3 Films", Torrance, California.