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My fundraising campaign on Hatchfund for Meeting MacGuffin, the sequel to Hanging By A Thread, was successfully funded on June 1, 2015. Thank you to all my wonderful supporters!

 $12,161 raised!

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Clothespin Freaks bookmark image "Art historians of the twentieth and twenty-first century have investigated visual art in a myriad of contexts. Art has been studied as a way for us to better communicate with one another, as a discipline in which to develop a universal connoisseurship and as an exercise to decipher the physical manifestation of one artists' thoughts and worldviews. Though the term 'art' itself has traditionally referred to a specific mastery of one process, contemporary art requires a vast skill set and mastery of multiple disciplines. To further complicate things, technology and innovation have spurred the creative process by offering artists multiple outlets for the expression of the way in which they alone see the world. Rarely does one find an artist who has harnessed both technology and traditional methods like the artist and filmmaker, Catya Plate..." [click for more]

Heather Dell, Art Historian and Curator

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